From Huntington Beach 2 to Huntington Beach 3

Napatech SmartNIC
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Features and FPGA images

In Huntington Beach 3 the NT200A01-2×100 accelerator contains two different FPGA images, a capture/replay image (default) and a capture image. Not all features are included in both images. This table shows the features that are only included in one of the images.

Feature Capture Image Capture/Replay Image
Timed host-based transmission - X
Limited low-rate transmission X -
IP group match filtering (key match) X -
Flow filtering (key match) X -

The capture image contains all of the capture features of feature set N-ANL10 but no replay features. The capture/replay image contains replay features but a reduced amount of capture features. The rest of the features are the same in both images.

See DN-0487 for an explanation of how to switch between the two images.