Optional Auxiliary Power Connector

NT100A01-NEBS Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
Hardware Installation Guide

Optional auxiliary power connector

The optional auxiliary power connector must be used for providing additional power to the SmartNIC, if the motherboard cannot provide the required power. For electrical ratings, see Electrical rating.

Characteristic Description
Connector type

4-pin Molex power connector

NT100A01-NEBS showing optional auxiliary power connector

4-pin Molex power connector

The optional auxiliary power connector is a 4-pin Molex connector (Micro-Fit 43045-04).
4-pin Molex connector (Micro-Fit 43045-04)
Pin Signal
1 +12 V
2 +12 V
3 Ground
4 Sense
Note: Used by the SmartNIC to detect if the auxiliary power connector is plugged. The sense pin in the connector must be connected to ground either directly in the power cabling or in the power supply.