From Green Bay 2 to Link-Capture™ Software 12.8

Napatech SmartNIC
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Migration Document
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Link™ Capture Software 12.8

Features in releases

In 3GA releases and in previous 4GA releases, feature sets were used for identifying features in a release. From the Link-Capture™ Software 11.2 release features may vary within a feature set and properties must be used for further identifying exactly which features, such as VN-Tag classification, apply to a specific SmartNIC in a specific release.

These properties can be queried by applications that wish to obtain information about the capabilities of the Napatech driver and installed SmartNICs.

From the Link-Capture™ Software 11.3 release, properties are also relevant for 3GA users, so it is recommended that these users start to also use properties for checking which features, such as start-of-frame time-stamping, are supported.

See DN-0449 for details on available properties and how to use them.