What Will Be Installed

4GA Software Installation for Windows

Napatech SmartNIC
Software Installation Guide

Non-system files

The Napatech Software Suite installer will install these non-system directories and files:

Path Description

NTService.exe, a Windows service that run in user space. See Introduction to NTService.

Tools for configuring and monitoring Napatech SmartNICs.

%NAPATECH3_ROOT%\cmd Icons and command shell scripts.

Default directory for configuration files, for instance the ntservice.ini file.

If WinPcap-NT is installed: examples of the setup.ini that you can use to control automatic configuration of NTService and WinPcap-NT devices.

See Configuration of Driver and Devices.

%NAPATECH3_ROOT%\doc Reference documentation for the Napatech Software Suite, DN-0449.
%NAPATECH3_ROOT%\examples Examples as C source code.
%NAPATECH3_ROOT%\include Header files for NTAPI and NTUTIL.
%NAPATECH3_ROOT%\lib Libraries for NTAPI and NTUTIL.

System files

The Napatech Software Suite installer will install these system files:

Path Description
%SystemRoot%\Windows\System32\ Napatech 64-bit DLLs: libntos.dll, libntapi.dll, libntutil.dll
%SystemRoot%\Windows\SysWOW64\ Napatech 32-bit DLLs on 64-bit Windows: libntos.dll, libntapi.dll, libntutil.dll
%SystemRoot%\Windows\System32\drivers\ Kernel-mode driver: Nt3gd.sys


The Napatech Software Suite installer will install these shortcuts for all users under Start Menu > Programs > Napatech Software Suite 3G or in the app group Napatech Software Suite 3G:
Note: To control NTService, you need permissions as a member of the local Administrators group.
Path Description
Napatech Web Site Shortcut to Napatech website
Uninstall NT Software Suite x.y.z Shortcut to Napatech Software Suite uninstaller
NT 3G Tools Command Line Shortcut to open a command prompt in the %NAPATECH3_ROOT%\bin directory.
Documentation > NT 3G Driver Documentation Shortcut to Napatech Software Suite documentation
NTService > Install NTService with boot-start Shortcuts to control NTService. See Starting NTService as a Windows Service.
NTService > Install NTService
NTService > Restart NTService
NTService > Start NTService
NTService > Stop NTService
NTService > Uninstall NTService

Registry entries

The Napatech Software Suite installer registers Nt3gd.sys as a kernel-mode driver, creating entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services. See Registry entries for configuration.

Environment variables

The Napatech Software Suite installer will create this environment variable:

Variable Example Description
NAPATECH3_ROOT C:\Program Files\Napatech3 Napatech Software Suite (3GD) root