Combining Filters with Hash Keys to Allocate Traffic

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Filtering and hash keys

Filtering can be combined with hash keys to segment the traffic into multiple sets of streams. For example, IP packets, non-IP packets, and UDP, TCP and SCTP packets could all be delivered to separate groups of streams.

Combined filtering and hash key distribution example

This NTPL example distributes UDP and TCP frames to streams 0 to 7 using the 5-tuple hash key, the remaining IP frames to stream 8 to 11 using the 2-tuple hash key, and all non-IP frames to stream 12:

HashMode[Priority=0; Layer4Type=UDP,TCP] = Hash5Tuple
HashMode[Priority=1; Layer3Type=IP] = Hash2Tuple

Assign[Priority=0; StreamId=(0..7)] = Layer4Protocol==UDP,TCP
Assign[Priority=1; StreamId=(8..11)] = Layer3Protocol==IP
Assign[Priority=2; StreamId=12] = All