General Specifications

NT50B01 Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
Content Type
Hardware Installation Guide

Network interface

Characteristic Description
IEEE standards

IEEE 802.3 25 Gbit/s Ethernet

IEEE 802.3 10 Gbit/s Ethernet

Type of physical interface SFP28
Number of physical interfaces 2 ports
Supported pluggable modules



Note: Which of the supported modules are relevant depends on the link speeds supported by software (see 6)

Pluggable Modules

For information on modules that have been qualified by Napatech for use with the SmartNIC, see

Host interface

Characteristic Description
Bus type PCI Express Gen3
Bus width 16-lane
Bus speed 8 GT/s
PCIe controller Based on a PCIe IP core integrated in the FPGA
Data transfer mode Memory write or memory read transactions
Data width Support for 32/64-bit addressing and data width
Interrupt Support for Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI) or legacy interrupts

Physical dimensions

Characteristic Description
PCIe length 1/2-length
PCIe height Half-height
PCIe width Single-slot

This list shows the PCIe standard dimensions:

  • 1/2-length: 167.65 mm (6.600 inches)
  • Half-height: 68.90 mm (2.731 inches)
  • Single-slot:
    • Top: 14.47 mm (0.570 inches)
    • Bottom: 2.67 mm (0.105 inches)


Characteristic Description

Operating temperature

–5 °C to 55 °C (23 °F to 131 °F) measured around the SmartNIC.
Note: The SmartNIC requires a laminar air flow along the board for operation up to 55 °C.

Operating relative humidity

5% to 85%


  • NEBS Level 3
  • PCI-SIG®
  • CE (EU)
  • CB
  • RoHS
  • cURus(UL)
  • FCC (USA)
  • CSA (Canada)
  • VCCI (Japan)
  • RCM (Australia)


Characteristic Description
MTBF 991,182 hours (113 years)
Standard According to UTE C 80-810

Electrical rating

This table shows the power consumption for an NT50B01 SmartNIC including 2 pluggable modules.

Port Speed Power consumption [in W]
NT50B01 2 × 10 Gbit/s 25
NT50B01 2 × 25 Gbit/s 30

Power is measured with capture of a stream with 80% load of 300-byte frames. A sustaining load of 80% with 300-byte frames is representative for maximum real-life scenario.

The SmartNIC is Class III equipment for supply by SELV circuits only.

Port numbers

Characteristic Description
Port numbers 0 and 1
Location Page-1 Sheet.8