Time Synchronization Connector Specifications

NT50B01 Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
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Hardware Installation Guide

Time synchronization

Characteristic Description
Time synchronization connectors External: SMA female coax connector (see SMA-based inputs)

Input considerations

The time synchronization input interfaces of the NT SmartNICs are supplied with limited protection.

The time synchronization inputs on the NT SmartNICs do not fully support NT-PPS time synchronization output signals.

Warning: Connecting incompatible signal sources to NT time synchronization input interfaces might damage the NT SmartNIC hardware.

When a time synchronization input is configured for PPS signals, the rising edge is interpreted as on time.

SMA-based inputs

This table specifies the time synchronization input interface for the SMA-based input on the NT SmartNIC (the external input).

Mode Type Parameter Value
Power off/ Interface off Termination 100 kΩ DC
Current in clamping circuit 60 mA @ 5 V input
PPS mode In Termination 50 Ω DC
Rise/fall time 0 – 30 ns
Input levels Rising edge, TTL levels
Pulse width 1 µs – 999 ms
Current in clamping circuit 130 mA @ 5 V input
Out Rise/fall 0 – 10 ns
Output levels Rising edge, TTL levels @ 50 Ω load
Pulse width 67 ms

Available time synchronization cables

For information on available time synchronization cables, see DN-0186 on docs.napatech.com (the Napatech Documentation Portal).