Basic MDIO Data Fields

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Napatech SmartNIC
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This section describes some basic MDIO data fields, which are all static.


A vital field is the NIM ID field, which is located as the very first byte. In the example in Example of Real MDIO NIM Data the value is 0x12. This value indicates a CFP4 module. This byte must be read first, since the locations of many of the other fields depend on this.
Note: The locations mentioned in MDIO NIM Data Interpretation are therefore only relevant to CFP4 modules.

Vendor name

The field at address 0x8021, length 0x10 (32 bytes) gives the name of the vendor, which in the example is "SumitomoElectric".
Note: The upper byte in each word is zero.

Other fields

For other fields refer to CFP MSA MIS.