Handling FPGA Images

Napatech SmartNIC
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User Guide
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Link™ Capture Software 12.11

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This document contains information about the installation and usage of Napatech's image control tool (imgctrl), which is an all-in-one tool for updating and manipulating the onboard firmware and FPGA images on NT SmartNICs.

Highlights concerning imgctrl

The imgctrl tool can handle and operate on all Napatech PCI Express SmartNICs.

imgctrl is a stand-alone tool, and requires all existing Napatech drivers to be unloaded before use. The tool detects if this is the case, and outputs a proper warning if another driver is currently loaded. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent SmartNIC use by any other application while images are being maintained.

imgctrl can operate in three different modes (see Image Control Modes of Operation):

  • Query - a mode which prints useful information about each NT SmartNIC
  • Switch - a mode which is used to switch the FPGA image
  • Program - a mode which upgrades/downgrades the FPGA banks and handles firmware for peripheral components
Note: If Secure Boot is enabled in the system, imgctrl cannot operate. The following output example shows generated messages when imgctrl fails to run on a system with Secure Boot enabled.
Scanning for Napatech adapters..
mmap(size=1375731712, fd=5) failed: Operation not permitted
Error: Failed opening adapter 0
     Please contact Napatech support for further assistance.