Connect Internal Cables for Time Synchronization

NT20E3-2-PTP Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
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Hardware Installation Guide

About this task

To time-synchronize two SmartNICs, they must be connected via a time synchronization cable. The connection between the SmartNICs can be made internally if they are mounted in the same server, by using the connectors on the PCBs.


  1. Power off the server, and remove the server cover.
    Refer to the server documentation for correct procedure and for safety instructions.
  2. Connect the relevant time synchronization cable to the internal time synchronization connectors 1 or 2.
    NT20E3-2-PTP showing internal time synchronization connectors 1 and 2

    For information on available time synchronization cables, see DN-0186 on (the Napatech Documentation Portal)

    Observe the ESD precautions detailed in ESD Precautions when handling the SmartNIC.
  3. Replace the server cover, and power on.