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Basic Troubleshooting

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Link™ Capture Software 12.8

My application fails when opening Napatech libpcap interfaces [Linux]

To use Napatech libpcap interfaces, you must have root privileges.

tcpdump fails when opening Napatech libpcap interfaces [Linux]

Invoke tcpdump with the -Z option like this:
$ tcpdump -Z root -i <interface>

Consider using the ntpcap_capture tool instead.

tcpreplay fails when opening Napatech libpcap interfaces [Linux]

For some distributions, tcpreplay has been compiled with --enable-force-pf (Force using Linux's PF_PACKET for sending packets). To use tcpreplay with Napatech libpcap, tcpreplay must have been compiled with the option --enable-force-inject (Force using libpcap's pcap_inject() for sending packets). Recompile tcpreplay from source.

Consider using the ntpcap_replay tool instead.

No Napatech libpcap/WinPcap interfaces are available for my application

Are the SmartNICs properly installed and detected by the OS?

Is ntservice started?

[Linux] Does the application use the Napatech libpcap library?

[Windows] Is the version of WinPcap supplied with the Napatech Software Suite installed?