Defining Streams Using both Filter Logic and Hash Keys

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Link™ Capture Software 12.11


When defining streams based on a combination of filter logic results and hash values, it is possible, for instance, to define multi-CPU distribution as in this example.

NTPL example

This NTPL example uses both filter logic and hash keys to define streams so that:

  • All UDP and TCP frames are divided between streams 0, ..., 7 using the 5-tuple hash key.
  • The remaining IP frames are divided between streams 8, ..., 11 using the 2-tuple hash key.
  • Stream 12 receives all non-IP frames.
HashMode[Priority=0; Layer4Type=UDP,TCP] = Hash5Tuple
HashMode[Priority=1; Layer3Type=IP] = Hash2Tuple
Assign[Priority=0; StreamId=(0..7)] = Layer4Protocol==UDP,TCP
Assign[Priority=1; StreamId=(8..11)] = Layer3Protocol==IP
Assign[Priority=2; StreamId=12] = All