Transmit on Time Stamp

Napatech Link-Capture™ Software Features

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Link™ Capture Software 12.11

This section describes the transmit on time stamp functionality.


Transmit on time stamp enables replay of traffic as captured and network test and simulation with accurate control of timing.


Transmit on time stamp includes these features:

  • Individual frames can be transmitted according to nanosecond time stamp or as fast as possible.
  • Native support for PCAP descriptors and time stamp formats offloads CPU-intensive format conversion from the host.


Typical applications for the transmit on time stamp feature include:

  • Replay of capture files as recorded, preserving timing, either out in the field or back in the lab
  • Synchronized replay of traffic from multiple SmartNICs – within the same appliance or at remote locations
  • Control of the transmission time of the individual frames generated by a host application, for instance for network load simulations