Host-Based Transmission

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Link™ Capture Software 12.8

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This chapter describes the host-based transmission functionality, which enables high-speed transmission with low CPU load of frames located in a host buffer in the server application memory. Frames that have been received by a SmartNIC can be retransmitted by the same or on a different SmartNIC without modification.
Note: Host-based transmission can be applied together with local retransmission (see Local Retransmission) on all SmartNICs supporting both features.
Note: This chapter does not apply to NT200A01 running on the 2 × 100 Gbit/s capture image nor to NT40E3-4-PTP running on the capture image.


Host-based transmission can be used in three different scenarios:

  • For traffic generation where new frames are generated by the server application. This can be used, for instance, for network testing.
  • For replay where frames are captured and stored to memory or disk and retransmitted later. This can be used, for instance, for network analysis.
  • For replay where frames are captured, analyzed and conditionally retransmitted based on defined criteria. This can be used, for instance, for network security.