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Link™ Capture Software 12.11

NTPL settings

IP fragment handling is enabled and configured using NTPL (see DN-0449). It can be configured:

  • For which SmartNICs (specified as ports) IP fragment handling is enabled
    Note: All ports on one SmartNIC must be specified.
  • If entries are removed from the datagram lookup table when the last fragment is received before the time-out expires, or only on time-out
  • How long the time-out period is (in steps of 100 μs) for keeping entries in the table
  • Which streams are used for unmatched fragments
  • That all outer fragmented packets are classified as unmatched

NTPL example

This NTPL example shows how to set up a SmartNIC so that:

  • Unmatched fragments are transferred to streams 4 to 7
  • The time-out is 125 milliseconds
  • The datagram lookup table entry is removed on receipt of the last fragment or when the time-out expires, whichever occurs first
  • IP fragment handling is enabled for ports 0 to 3
IPFMode [StreamId = (4..7); TimeOut = 1250; TablePersist = LastFragment] = port==(0..3)