Specifying a PCAP Trace File for the PTP Port

Time-Stamping and Time Synchronization

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This section describes how to specify a PCAP trace file for the PTP port.

PTP port PCAP trace file

The PtpPortPCapTraceFile parameter allows the user to specify a path for a .pcap trace file that the driver then enables and generates from all of the data transmitted from and received by the PTP Ethernet port. This data file can be inspected later for troubleshooting and support purposes. The file is created on driver load and closed when the driver is stopped.
Note: Since the time stamp is generated by the PHY in the hardware after the point where the trace data is captured in the software, the transmitted PTP event messages do not contain the time stamps actually applied to the corresponding packets.

ntservice.ini code line

The syntax for the ntservice.ini code line specifying a PCAP trace file for the PTP port is:

'PtpPortPCapTraceFile' '=' <ASCII character> { <ASCII character> }



Default value

This table shows the default value.

Parameter Default Value
PtpPortPCapTraceFile (an empty string)