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Napatech Software Suite: Adapter Merge

Adapter merge is a feature that merges host buffers from multiple adapters by comparing time stamps. The feature runs in software and is always enabled, even when only operating on one host buffer. The reason for the feature being active at all times is that the system is dynamic. The next NTPL command might require a new host buffer to be assigned and then merging happens.

Adapter merge is only possible within the same product family (NtProductFamily_e) and if the host buffers are running the same Profiles
Adapter merge is not possible using the Segment Interface, the Packet Interface must be used
To achieve the most optimal merging, the adapters must be of the same type and must also have the same amount of receive host buffers configured
Adapter merge requires the adapters to be time synchronised to prevent dropping packets. The merge is done by comparing packet timestamps. If the adapter time on the different adapters drift apart this can cause packet drops as one adapter can block for another adapter during the merge process.