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Napatech Software Suite: Time Sync

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The adapters supports a variety of time synchronization features, NT Timesync, OS Timesync, PPS Timesync and IEEE1588 PTP. These features are mutually exclusive within an adapter, meaning that only one input at any given time may be the adapters clock reference time. In addition synchronous ethernet (SyncE) may be enabled. In general, time synchronization can be grouped into 3 methods: Time-of-Day(TOD) synchronization, Phase synchronization and Frequency synchronization. The NT adapter supports all of them. Even though TOD synchronization does have both Phase synchronization and Frequency synchronization, it may be combined with Frequency synchronization to achieve better accuracy. Combinations are possible, for example PTP + SyncE or PPS and SyncE.

Configuration Parameters

Which clock source is used as reference can be configured in a priority list. This list of clock references is a dynamic list where the highest priority clock is always sought as reference. This specifies the time sync clock reference failover and fallback feature of the adapter.

A configuration parameter to configure the frequency is likewise available.

Failover and fallback

The adapter may loose its time reference for a number of reasons and in that case it is possible to configure a well known sequence of failover time references to use instead. The feature is constructed such that if it is not in optimum state (it has failed over at least once), then the adapter will try to reestablish connection to the highest (or higher) time reference after a period of time repeatedly.

Note: PTP is only available on adapters with PTP support.


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