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Napatech Software Suite: Packet macros


 Basic descriptor macros
 NT descriptor macros
 Extended NT descriptor macros
 Extended NT descriptor IPF macros
 Extended NT descriptor Tunneling macros
 TX macros

Detailed Description

The following is only possible on packet-based streams.

Unless specified otherwise, the NT_NET_GET_PKT_XYZ macros will return integer type values.

In debug mode some packet macros contain an assert which asserts that the descriptor is supported for a given macro. Define the macro NDEBUG to remove the assert or use the build option -DNDEBUG. When the assert is removed the unsupported descriptors cause macros to return -1.

The descriptor support for the various macros is as follows:

Macro group NTExt7Ext8Ext9Dyn
Basic descriptor macros X X X X X
NT descriptor macros X X X X
Extended NT descriptor macros X X X
Extended NT descriptor IPF macros X X
Extended NT descriptor Tunneling macros X
TX macros X X X X

Note that some macros may exist in different variants for each descriptor type. In that case, the supported descriptor is part of the macro name.