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Napatech Software Suite: nimconfig


The nimconfig tool is used to access the NIMs (Network Interface Modules).

When specifying the address, a linear addressing scheme is used and the following rules apply:

  • The basic 0xA0 address space is mapped to linear address [0..0xFF].
  • The extended 0xA2 address space (if any) is mapped to [0x100..0x1FF].
  • If paging is used (XFP, QSFP+, QSFP28), page zero is mapped to [0x80..0xFF], page one is mapped to [0x100..0x17F], and so on, and the page select mechanism is handled automatically. Note that not all pages are necessarily valid, and if invalid, wrap around to page zero.
  • CFP register space is [0x8000..0xFFFF]

Caching is used, so it generally takes longer time to read data the first time.

When nimconfig terminates, it returns one of the following exit codes to the environment:

Exit Code Description
0 No error
1 An illegal option in the command line
2 An option argument was missing, invalid or out of range
3 Conflict between options or option values
4 Missing option(s) in the command line
5 There is a conflict in the configuration
6 A Napatech API function returned an error
8 An internal test has failed


The tool is controlled by a number of command line options. All values can be entered in decimal or hex notation (0x...)

nimconfig --help

nimconfig --read --port <value> --addr <value> --len <value>

Command Description
--help Show help text and exit
--read Dump data from a specified area.
--port The port to access.
--addr Address to access using linear addressing.
--len Length [1..128] of data in bytes.


  • Dump NIM data in hex format
    nimconfig --read -p 0 --addr 0 --len 128