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Napatech Software Suite: include/ntapi/stream_flow.h File Reference
stream_flow.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  NtFlow_s
 Flow programming structure. More...
struct  NtFlowInfo_s
 Flow information structure. More...
struct  NtFlowStatus_s
 Flow status structure. More...


#define NT_FLOW_STAT_LDS   0x1 /*< Learn done status flag */
#define NT_FLOW_STAT_LFS   0x2 /*< Learn fail status flag */
#define NT_FLOW_STAT_LIS   0x4 /*< Learn ignore status flag */
#define NT_FLOW_STAT_UDS   0x8 /*< Un-learn done status flag */
#define NT_FLOW_STAT_UIS   0x10 /*< Un-learn ignore status flag */


typedef struct NtFlowStream_s * NtFlowStream_t
typedef struct NtFlow_s NtFlow_t
 Flow programming structure. More...
typedef struct NtFlowInfo_s NtFlowInfo_t
 Flow information structure. More...
typedef struct NtFlowStatus_s NtFlowStatus_t
 Flow status structure. More...


void NT_FlowOpenAttrInit (NtFlowAttr_t *attr)
 Initialize flow stream attributes. More...
void NT_FlowOpenAttrSetAdapterNo (NtFlowAttr_t *attr, uint8_t adapterNo)
 Set adapter number attribute. More...
uint8_t NT_FlowOpenAttrGetAdapterNo (NtFlowAttr_t *attr)
 Return the adapter number attribute. More...
void NT_FlowOpenAttrSetFlags (NtFlowAttr_t *attr, uint32_t flags)
 Set flow stream flags. More...
uint32_t NT_FlowOpenAttrGetFlags (NtFlowAttr_t *attr)
 Get flow stream flags. More...
int NT_FlowOpen_Attr (NtFlowStream_t *hStream, const char *name, NtFlowAttr_t *attr)
 Opens a flow programming stream and returns a stream handle. More...
int NT_FlowClose (NtFlowStream_t hStream)
 Closes a flow stream. More...
int NT_FlowWrite (NtFlowStream_t hStream, NtFlow_t *flow, int timeout)
 Programs a flow into an adapter. More...
int NT_FlowRead (NtFlowStream_t hStream, NtFlowInfo_t *info, int timeout)
 Read a flow information record. More...
int NT_FlowStatusRead (NtFlowStream_t hStream, NtFlowStatus_t *status)
 Read a flow status record. More...

Detailed Description

This is header file of the flow stream interface

Definition in file stream_flow.h.