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Napatech Software Suite: throughput


The throughput tool shows the throughput from the adapter to the application.

The tool needs a stream ID (identifier) or PCAP interface specifying the traffic to handle. The stream ID must be created with the ntpl tool.

The received traffic will be returned as fast as possible. The only packet handling performed is summarizing the packet sizes and calculating the throughput every second.

Substantial differences between Wire- and Pci-throughput can be observed if
eg. slicing is applied to the stream.
Packet padding bytes as well as the Napatech extended header size is included in the Pci throughput reporting.
If PCAP is used, make sure the Napatech delivered libpcap package is loaded. If other libpcap packages are installed on the server, you may force the correct library path by using : LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/napatech3/lib throughput.


throughput -s <stream id | pcap if> [-H <value>] [--pcap] [--help] [-h] [-g] [-m]

Command Description
--help, -h Displays the help
-s <stream id | pcap if>
--stream <stream id | pcap if>
Specifies the stream ID or PCAP interface to open. If the parameter is a question mark (?), a list is presented.
-g Use NT_NetRxGetNext() instead of NT_NetRxGet()/NT_NetRxRelease().
-m Multi-get using a sliding NT_NetRxGet()/NT_NetRxRelease() window
-H <host buffer allowance (hysteresis) percentage> Specifies host buffer allowance (hysteresis) drop level in percent — the host buffer allowance (hysteresis) is disabled by default (value: -1)
-p, --pcap
Use PCAP interface

Stream id | pcap if
Stream IDs must be created using the ntpl tool.


  • Throughput from all ports.
    ntpl -e "Assign[streamid=1;color=7] = all"
    throughput -s 1
  • Throughput from ports 1 and 3.
    ntpl -e "Assign[streamid=2;color=7] = port == 1,3"
    throughput -s 2