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Link™ Capture Software 12.10
Napatech Software Suite: vpd


The vpd tool is used to set and get vpd user data. The VPD (Vital Product Data) block includes a block for user data. This block of non-volatile memory can be used for any data the user wants to store on the adapter. The size of the VPD userdata block is 400 bytes. The VPD userdata block is blank until written to.


vpd [--adapter <adapter number>] [--setuserdata <userdata>] [--getuserdata] [--help]

Command Description
--adapter <adapter number> Specifies the adapter that the tool is to operate on. <adapter number> can have the values 0, 1, 2, etc.
--setuserdata <userdata> Writes new user data to vpd user data section. <userdata> is the data to write to vpd section. Max size is 400 bytes
--getuserdata Reads data from vpd user data section.
--help Displays the help


  • Write single word to VPD user data for adapter 0:
    vpd -a 0 -s MyData
  • Write data containing spaces to VPD user data
    vpd -a 0 -s "Go ahead - make my day"
  • Read and dump VPD user data:
    vpd -a 0 -g