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Napatech Software Suite: IP Match Tests

This section specifies the syntax and semantics for the IP match tests.

Supported Options Per Feature Set

Supported Feature Sets

The syntax for the IP match tests is shown below.

<IPMatchTest>         ::= 'IPMatch' <EqualNotEqualTest> <IPMatchListSpec>
<IPMatchListSpec>     ::= <IPMatchValue> [ ',' <IPMatchListSpec> ]
<IPMatchValue>        ::= 'SrcIP' | 'DstIP'

Note: IP match test is not available on products with Flow matcher functionality

Using a frame IP match test it is possible to set up a filter, filtering frames which matches IP addresses specified with the IPMatchList command. The filter can be used to filter if the source IP address matches or the destination IP address matches. To filter on inner tunnel IP address match use this filter test in combination with the 'TunnelType' test in the Protocol Tests.

IP Match Test Example

The following example filters all GTP-tunneled IP packets containing the IPv4 address 192.168.X.X.

The filter NTPL example is shown below.

IPMatchList = IPv4Addr == {[FF.FF.0.0]:[]}
Assign[StreamId=1] = IPMatch==SrcIP,DstIP and TunnelType==GTPv1-U-GPDU

This example requires that you have configured the ip match list to support dual lookup. Refer to the description of the KmTcamConfig ntservice.ini file setting.