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Link™ Capture Software 12.10
Napatech Software Suite: adapterinfo


The adapterinfo tool displays information about either a specific adapter or all adapters installed. It is a debug tool that can be used for providing information to Napatech in connection with support cases.

The adapterinfo tool must not be used for traceability purposes; use the productinfo tool instead.


adapterinfo [--adapter <adapter number>] [--brief] [--verbose] [--help]

Command Description
--help Show help text and exit
--verbose Show extended adapter information
--brief Show brief output—only list adapter name
--adapter The adapter to show information for—if not specified, all adapters are listed

Output Example

  • Output from the command adapterinfo -v -a 0
    adapterinfo (v.
    Adapters:  2
    Ports:     3
    Adapter: 0 -
          NT100E3-1-PTP-ANL Analysis Network Adapter PCIe Gen3 1x100Gb CFP4
    Bus ID:             0000:05:00.0
    PCI ID:             18F4:0155
    FPGA ID:            200-9504-01-12-00
    Feature level:      N-ANL4
    Profile:            Capture
    Supported profiles: Capture
    AVR version:  3.2a
    Ports:            1
    Port Range:       0 - 0
    Descriptor:       Standard
    Timestamp:        Native Unix
    TimestampMethod:  EOF (End of Frame)
    RX host buffers:   4
    TX host buffers:   4
    Port #0 MAC : 00.0D.E9.00.03.32
    SDRAM size  : 8GB
    Bus type                : PCI Express 3
    Link width supported    : x16
    Link width negotiated   : x16
    Link speed              : 8.0 GT/s
    Max payload supported   : 2048
    Max payload negotiated  : 256
    Max expected throughput : 102319 Mbps
    WIS mode:                        Not supported
    IFG mode:                        NS mode
    TX timing mode:                  Relative
    Coordinated time-syncronized TX: Not supported
    Timestamp method:                End of frame
    Timestamp injection offset mode: Not supported
    NEBS compliant adapter:          No
    Alternative FAN:                 Yes
    FEC supported:                   Yes
    Bypass adapter feature:          Not present
    Bypass adapter ports accessible: No
    Custom Id:                       0x0000