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Napatech Software Suite: Retransmit Command

This section specifies the syntax and semantics for the retransmit command.

Supported Options Per Feature Set

Supported Feature Sets

The syntax for retransmission is shown below.

<RetransmitAction>     ::= 'Retransmit' '[' <RetransmitOptionSpec> ']' '=' <FilterExpressionSpec>
<RetransmitOptionSpec> ::= <RetransmitOption> [ ';' <RetransmitOptionSpec> ]
<RetransmitOption>     ::= ( 'Priority' '=' <Priority> ) |
                           ( 'SourcePort' '=' <PortNumber> ) |
                           ( 'DestinationPort' '=' <PortNumber>

Note: Adapters that support Action Command Action does not support Retransmit.

Note: <PortTest> in <FilterExpressionSpec> is not supported by Retransmit.

Note: When more than one <RetransmitAction> is specified, the commands are interpreted as if they were OR'ed together.

Each <RetransmitAction> command defines a local retransmit filter. Definition of a local retransmit filter has the result that frames matching the filter on the specified source port ('SourcePort') will be transmitted on the specified destination port ('DestinationPort').

Note: Definition of one local retransmit filter might result in the use of several hardware filters.

Overlapping retransmit filters are prioritized by <Priority>. 0 is the highest priority, and 62 is the lowest priority. If two or more overlapping retransmit filters are defined with the same priority, it is undefined which filter overrules the other(s). The default priority is 0.

Note: A <RetransmitAction> command is cancelled by issuing a <DeleteAction> command specifying the Filter ID in question.

Retransmit Filter Examples

This section describes an example where all traffic received on port 0 is retransmitted on port 1.

The retransmission NTPL example is shown below:
Retransmit [SourcePort = 0; DestinationPort = 1] = All