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Link™ Capture Software 12.10
Napatech Software Suite: Error Tests

This section specifies the syntax and semantics for the error tests. Supported for all feature sets.

The syntax for the error tests is shown below.

<ErrorTest>             ::= <ErrorFlag> '==' <TrueFalseValue>
<ErrorFlag>             ::= 'CvError' | 'CrcError' | 'Layer3CheckSumError' | 'Layer4CheckSumError' | 'Truncated'

Using an error test it is possible to set up a filter, filtering on any combination of errors:

  • CvError: Frames with CV (code violation) errors.
  • CrcError: Frames with MAC CRC errors / FCS errors.
  • Layer3CheckSumError: Frames layer 3 CRC errors. IPv4 is supported.
  • Layer4CheckSumError: Frames layer 4 CRC errors. TCP and UDP is supported.
  • Truncated: Frames that are truncated.

Error Test Examples

Assign[StreamId = 1] = CrcError == TRUE # CRC errors to stream 1
Assign[StreamId = 7] = CvError == TRUE OR Truncated == TRUE # Rest of error frames to stream 7