Dynamic Packet Descriptors

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Napatech Software Suite: Dynamic Packet Descriptors


 Dynamic Packet Descriptor 1
 Dynamic Packet Descriptor 2
 Dynamic Packet Descriptor 3
 Dynamic Packet Descriptor 4

Detailed Description

This is a new class of descriptors that offer more flexibility and less overhead than the legacy NT and extended descriptors. The descriptors provide several offset fields that can be programmed via. NTPL as well as an extended color field that allow for more color and hash bits.

Unlike the legacy descriptors, dynamic descriptor fields are accessed directly through the c-struct by obtaining a pointer to it from NtNetBuf_s and the NT_NET_DESCR_PTR_DYN<X> macros.

NOTE: The rxPort field indicates the adapter relative port the packet was received on. To get the absolute port number, NtNetBuf_s::portOffset should be manually added.

NOTE: The format of the "timestamp" field in the dynamic descriptors is dependent upon what is configured in the ini-file setting "TimestampFormat". For a description of the possible formats see NtTimestampType_e