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Napatech Software Suite: Command Line

The options read from the ntservice.ini can be reassigned by adding the same options to the command line when starting the driver.



 SECTION:  The ini-file sections
 OPTION:   The ini-file option to reassign
 VALUE:    The new value to use
 INI_FILE: The ini-file to be used. Otherwise the default ini-file will be used.

The SECTION can be omitted. If the OPTION belongs to an adapter section and SECTION is omitted, adapter0 will be used as section, meaning that the OPTION will be changed for adapter 0.

An unlimited number of options can be specified on the command line. Each option must be prefixed with -o.

This is only supported by the Linux OS and the FreeBSD OS.
If the expression contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks:
-o "logging.LogFileName = This is a test.log"
If both INI_FILE and a number of -o SECTION.OPTION=VALUE are used,
the options in the INI_FILE will still be reassigned to the new values
defined by the -o SECTION.OPTION=VALUE options.


Change the adapter profiles for the adapters:

 ./ -o adapter0.profile=capture -o adapter1.profile=trafficgen -o adapter2.profile=inline

Enable log to file:

 ./ -o LogToFile=1

Enable OSTime sync for adapter 0

 ./ -o TimeSyncReferencePriority=OSTime
Options specified on the command line is not persistent. After reload of the driver, the options specified in the ini-file will be used.
But when starting the driver with options specified on the command line, and there is no driver configuration file, the driver generates a default configuration file including the option specified on the command line.